Zend and PHP Development in Holland, Zeeland, Grand Rapids Michigan.

Zend and PHP development is important to your business.  These open-source commercial languages drive many of today’s web applications.  Tera Technologies is unique in the West Michigan area. Our expertise is focused on the open-source, free PHP framework called Zend Framework.  This allows us to bring robust solutions to the web with the backing and support of a commercially available product from Zend, The PHP Company.  Beginner frameworks such as CAKE, and PEAR, are useful, but the Zend Framework is your only choice for professional support and development. This is because Zend is built and supported by the makers of PHP.  Zend standards and approach to programming will not go out of style, and do not rely on community support for its growth.

Tera Technologies has put our PHP development to use in publicly visible corporate websites.  We have also been successful in Zend and PHP development for internal applications used in manufacturing, advertising, and e-commerce clients.  Tera Technologies can work directly with you whether you own a small business and need a fully developed solution, or if you are an advertising agency, or development studio and need specific support with a Zend application, or ground-up development of a Zend solution.

Zend and PHP Development for Businesses

Contact Tera Technologies today to see how we can use the Zend Framework and our PHP expertise to make your business work in your customer’s, or in your employee’s browser.  Tera Technologies will advise you on best practices, consult with you during the architecture phase, develop the application, and support the product after its launch.

Zend and PHP Development for Studios

Tera Technologies has the experience and professionalism to work with you to solve your development needs.  We have collaborated with development companies across Michigan to fill in the gaps of their development process.  Contact Tera Technologies today to see how we can work together on your unique needs.  We are accustomed with confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements and other unique challenges that come with collaboration between agencies.